The key to quality development is sharp people with a well thought-out plan. Good organization allows developers to modularize the development process. This results in rapid implementation of a system that can be easily tested and expanded for future versions. OCTAVA Techno Solutions provides a highly qualified technical staff with years of Equipment development experience.

Project Management

OCTAVA Techno Solutions clients often require additional consulting and managerial Support to supplement their in-product development efforts. OCTAVA Techno Solutions is uniquely qualified to provide this vital support. The professionals at OCTAVA Techno Solutions have worked on countless equipment development efforts, and as a result are well equipped to quickly anticipate and address problem areas on a given project. OCTAVA Techno Solutions can serve as troubleshooters or, if need be, assume management of an entire project.

Complete Turnkey Systems

Complete, integrated equipment are no problem for OCTAVA Techno Solutions Integrating hardware and software to form a new automated system is a classic utilization of OCTAVA Techno Solutions resources. OCTAVA Techno Solutions has negotiated discount hardware reseller agreements with equipment Appliance; help provide our clients with a low-cost source for their hardware needs. No matter what your hardware needs are, from a reputed company. OCTAVA Techno Solutions can get it for you… and often for less than buying it direct!

Feasibility Studies…

Prior to committing substantial resources to a given project, often clients want to obtain more data on the obstacles related to successfully completing the project. OCTAVA Techno Solutions team members have experience serving n this “recon” type role. They can quickly and efficiently identify the primary and secondary “hot spots”, then prepare a Feasibility Report for the client. This report contains a ranked list of all the technical, logistical, and managerial problems associated with the proposed project. In addition, it provides preliminary estimates for cost and time.