Software Courses

Networking Courses

Having only certification will not help, you should also have good knowledge. CCNA is a First step in Cisco Certifications & it doesn't have any prerequisites. Person from both technical & non-technical background can take up the exam. with this certification you get a knowledge on both Cisco specific networking & generic networking.

  • CCNA
  • CCT
  • CCDA
  • CCDA Cloud

Embedded Computing

Embedded Systems are all pervasive. They find applications everywhere from automobiles, aerospace, locomotives, marine, healthcare, sports and entertainment, industries, homes and offices and personal gadgets to name a few. This makes it evident that embedded systems have tremendous scope in years to come.

  • PIC-IP Core Development
  • GSM Home Electrical Control System
  • Rapid Product Development Platform (PAN CDAC)
  • High-end Training Activities